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L’Shanah Tovah!

It is now the second day of Rosh HaShanah and I would like to wish everyone shana tova u’metuka! In honor of the new year, I am setting goals for myself. After reflecting on the things I have done wrong during the past year, goals will help ensure the next year is better or “sweeter”. In June I began studying the Torah every week and I would like to continue doing this as well as studying other parts of my faith. With studying I would also like to officially convert to Judaism; I am Jewish by blood, but an absence of practice for 200 years has left it “spiritually dry”. I would like to practice more tzedakah while also doing what I can to help promote religious tolerance. I want to spend more “quality” time with my family; I want us to be closer than ever. My last goal (at this time) will come into play once we have relocated to the Sioux Falls area. I want to become more involved in the community, and teach E to be involved as well. I have had little involvement in Huron and, as a result, I know very few people and very little of what happens here. Sioux Falls will have many opportunities for involvement within the synagogue as well as charities, sports, and other events. I think it will be possible to accomplish these goals as I continue to pray each morning and night to remind myself of my responsibilities and my faith. That’s all. L’Shanah Tovah, Happy New Year, and soon, Shabbat Shalom!



E figured out a few new things yesterday, but one new “skill” tops them all. He has learned to open doors. Yesterday, he walked away from me while we were playing, casually opened his bedroom door and walked right in. This is going to lead to the next step of child-proofing!


After feeling congested and under-the-weather for a few days, I had started to think the problem wasn’t just my allergies, but that I am possibly sick. This morning E had a runny noise and he was a bit irritable which leads me to being 99% sure we’re sick. Sorry E!