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Thilo Sarrazin Asked To Resign!

Today the Bundesbank in Germany finally came to a unanimous decision to ask for Thilo Sarrazin’s resignation. Sarrazin recently made comments regarding Muslims and Jews in relation to, what he believes, are problems with immigration in Germany. Sarrazin’s comments were reminiscent of those made by Neo-Nazis, believing the “wrong genetics” would erode Germany. I’ve seen many comments from Sarrazin’s supporters stating “Jews do share the same genetics” and agreeing with his poor opinion of Muslims. After Sarrazin resigns or waits for Bundesbank to show him the door, I expect to see his face on the next NPD campaign ad. It’s hard to see from so far away, but, over the past few months, it really looks like ant-semitism and beliefs in genetic superiority are on a steady rise in Germany. Let’s hope the German voters stay well-informed and un-bias.