Bolshevik Executions

After the Russian Civil War there was an uprising of the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 which led to executions of many of the German colonists who were still present in Bessarabia. The Cheka secret police imprisoned and executed civilians during the “Red Terror”. Of those who were executed, there were some Braun’s who were descendents of Friedrich Braun’s relatives.

Executed were:

Jakob Braun – Executed on Aug. 10, 1937

Johann Braun – Executed on Aug. 26, 1937

Johann Braun – Executed  on Aug. 27, 1937

Christian Braun – Executed on Oct. 31, 1937

Friedrich Braun – Executed on Dec. 26, 1937

***In July, 2010 Six mass graves were found in St. Petersburg, containing over 80 bodies of those who were executed during the Red Terror.


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