Braun Genealogy Notes

Anna Maria Braun & Family

One of the first genealogical projects I started when I began researching, was searching for information on my mother’s maternal side. I traced back through my grandmother and her mother, and her mother’s mother, and so on. Everything seems to be well documented (I’ve found records from the St. Petersburg archive to back it all up) until I get to my Great Great Great Great Grandmother, Anna Maria Braun. This page will document any information I find regarding Anna Maria, her family, and possible leads.

Aug. 9, 2010

The 1850 Borodino Revision List published by GRHS in “Black Sea German Russian Census, Bessarabia, Volume II” pg 73, states the following:

Borodino RL:168

Friedrich Braun 55 (came from Alt Hoffnungstal/Odessa in 1843) with wife, Katharina 52. Sons: Friedrich 25 (his wife, Karolina Schütt 24; his son, Johann 2; his daughter, Margaretha 1) Christian died 1845; Jakob 21; Johann 9. Daughters: Anna (Maria) 17 (*1833); Christina 12.

Stumpp page 232 suggests Katharina’s maiden name as Catharina Metzger. (1798 – 1865) This information was confirmed thanks to Tom Stangl.


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