Metzger To Sarvis

Frum Berlingen (Metzger) was born in 1695 and passed in 1775. I believe Frum or his father was a butcher, hence the name change to Metzger. Frum’s son, Juda Metzger was born 1733 in Berlinchingen and passed in 1805. Juda Metzger had a son named, Samuel Metzger. Samuel was born 5/3/1763 and passed in 1830. Samuel married Roesle (maiden unknown). Children were Loeb Metzger, born 1796/1797; Katharina Metzger, born 1798; Judas Metzger, born 2/22/1800; Judel Metzger, born 5/12/1803. Metzger family reports from Alemannia Judaica researchers and the Stuttgart archives of Jewish archives.

Jewish Archive From Stuttgart Originally Seized By the Nazis

1932 photo of the cemetary in Berlichingen.

Katharina Metzger emigrated to Freudental, Bessarabia, Russia and married Jakob Friedrich Braun in 1823 (no documentation showing she was ever baptized so the community most-likely did not know of her parents). Katharina and Jakob moved to Hoffnungstal before bearing children. Children were Johann Friedrich Braun, born 04/26/1825 (married Karolina Schuett); Katharina Margaretha Braun, born 10/01/1826; Jakob Friedrich Braun, born 12/05/1829 (married Christina Schaber); Anna Maria Braun, born 03/08/1833 (married Johann Jakob Schlichenmaier); Katharina Braun, born 1836 (passed 1843); Christina Braun, born 05/28/1838 (married Martin Herzke); Johannes Braun, born 09/14/1840 (married Juliana Katharina Hein). The family moved to Borodino in the 1840s. From Borodino Family Book of 1861.

Anna Maria (Braun) and Johann Jakob Schlichenmaier were married in Hoffnungstal, where they also had their children. There children were Anna Maria Schlichenmaier, born 01/18/1855 (married Johann Philipp Feickert); Eva Katharina Schlichenmaier, born 02/28/1857; Friedrich Michael Schlichenmaier, born 03/23/1859 (married Rosine Frederika Wall); Johann Michael Schlichenmaier, born 12/21/1862; Frederike Schlichenmaier, born 09/05/1867 (married John Knorr); Emilia Schlichenmaier, born 03/09/1870 (married Bernhardt Kraenzler); August Wilhelm Schlichenmaier, born 05/25/1872 (married Katharina Permann).

Anna Maria (Schlichenmaier) and Johan Philipp Feikert moved to Neu-Glueckstal and had children there. Children were Johann Feickert, born 02/28/1876; Katharina Feickert, born 03/23/1878 (married Jacob Schneider on 08/28/1898); Gottlieb Feickert, born 02/14/1882; Friedrich Feickert, born 10/30/1883; Johann Feickert, born 10/31/1885; Gottlieb Feickert, born 11/15/1898 (Leola, South Dakota). Anna Maria and Johan Philipp Feickert emigrated to the United States around 1894 and settled in Leola, South Dakota. From Hoffnungstal Und Seine Schwaben and the St. Petersburg Odessa Archives (church archives of birth, death, and marriage).

Katharina (Feickert) and Jacob Schneider emigrated to the United States and settled in South Dakota. There children were Katherina Schneider, born 07/15/1899; Anna Schneider, born 01/21/1901 (married Julius Kessler); Elizabeth Schneider, born 04/26/1902 (married Philip Rieger); Jacob Schneider, born 04/13/1906; Emil Schneider, born 12/17/1907; Christina Schneider, born 07/27/1915; Eva Schneider, born 05/29/1918. From Family History Library Repository: Glueckstal Colony Marriage and Birth Records.

Elizabeth Schneider and Philip Rieger had a daughter, Viola Rieger who married Alfred Benting. Viola and Alfred’s eldest daughter was Wanda Kay Benting, born 03/29/1955. Wanda married David Dobier and had two children: Melanie Dobier, born 07/20/1977 (married Ryan Folk); Michelle Dobier, born 05/05/1980 (married Christopher Erb). After David Dobier passed, Wanda married David Sarvis and had one child: Shaun Sarvis, born 08/31/1985 (married Ashley Lorenz) .


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