Yad Veshem Exhibitions: Destroyed Communities

Yad Veshem have started posting exhibits on their website, with information and photographs of past Jewish communities that have since been destroyed or altered.  Right now they have a great exhibition online for the Munkacs. This exhibit caught my eye as much of my family lived near this community before emigrating to the United States. located in SouthWestern Ukraine, in Mukachevo. The Jewish community grew during the 19th century, but vanished when Nazi Germany invaded the region. Go to “Exhibitions” at http://yadvashem.org to check it out.



After feeling congested and under-the-weather for a few days, I had started to think the problem wasn’t just my allergies, but that I am possibly sick. This morning E had a runny noise and he was a bit irritable which leads me to being 99% sure we’re sick. Sorry E!